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For those clients needing to sell their home, research has shown that staged homes benefit the seller. How? By faster sales even in a slow real estate market (30- 50% faster in most areas). Home staging creates a positive first impression from curb appeal to the inside of the home. It has a move-in-ready look for the buyer. There is a distinct competitive advantage over unstaged homes. The homes look groomed and well-maintained; they often appraise higher; extra showings can occur; they look more appealing in print and web media, and the homes set themselves apart in realtors' and buyers' minds. Beautifully staged homes often get advertized more by brokerage firms. Staged homes can increase the number of offers and even selling price in hot

"Staging can be as simple as moving furniture or
as elaborate as hiring an opera singer to perform. The scale
varies, but the purpose is the same: to sell the house."    
- The New York Times

As You Like It prefers to move the furniture and paint the walls
over hiring the opera singer!

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